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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week In Itasca State Park

Thumbnail image for 29760015.jpegI just returned from the Masters in Landscape Architecture Week research course in Itasca State Park. The trip seemed to be aimed at exploring the themes, goals, work and theolgy behind landscape Architecture and the MLA program we will be completing over the next three years. We met at Rapson Hall at 7am on Saturday...a bit early for us design students. 29760003.jpegThe 4 hour drive went quickly, and we arrived at the research facilities in Lake Itasca State Park in good humor. We got started right away, learning and designing every day under the tutelage of Professor David Pitt, Adjuncts Sam Geer and Michael Keenan (who own and run ReGen Land Design), along with one 3rd year MLA student and two 2nd year MLA students. We had a great array of voices, experiences, and professional interests that made our trip well rounded and eye opening to all us new MLA students. I can't really believe how much I fun I had learning about Minnesota's geological landscape and how that has affected and formed the current situation in Northern Minnesota. We developed site plans and planting gradients for the prairies, we worked on thing about how place and space can enlighten one's design, and got to immerse ourselves in the woods while doing some really cool work!29760014.jpeg
Thats not to say we didn't have a ton of fun all week long. We swam in Lake Itasca, we canoed to a bog and walked gently on a rarely touched place, we visitied the old fire tower and got to see a view of the pine forest almost 10 stories high. All said and done we had a lot of laughs, made a ton of new friends and got some well deserved bumps, bruises, and itchy bites from the woods that I will never forget.

Until Next Week,
Sarah S.
MLA accelerated program 2013