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Friday, August 2, 2013

Designing and Planning Your Garden

Espalier is the art of training branches to grow in lines on small woody plants and trees. This summer I have had a great experience with working in a private garden with a master gardener. I am doing work that I know and feel confident from working on my own garden. There are so many things to do, however, that I am just learning. Like espalier, adding sulfur to the soils for coniferous plants, using grey water for plants, and learning that this is not acceptable for your edibles!!! Being smart and having a planting plan, weeding plan and harvesting plan is super important when creating a outdoor layout.

Not only does taking a garden and making it your own, transforming it to express your stylistic views and your production goals, if you have any.

So much for summer plans, starting your own garden takes a long term plan as well as seasonal planting. Bulbs need to be started the fall before they will bloom, the cold process will open them up when the warm season begins. Things like this can make the difference between a strong healthy garden and a struggling one. So plan ahead, do some research and ask people who have gardens or plans you like! Its easy to do a garden DIY!!!

Until Next Time

Sarah S.