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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Value of a Good Advisor

Something that I have been very thankful for these past four years is having a good advisor. My advisor, Katrina Thompson, has literally been best; she has helped me sort out class schedules, look through study abroad options, determine which Minor I should choose, and so much more. A good advisor is of great value because he or she can make your time in college so much easier and less stressful with his or her abundant knowledge of the University and all that it offers.

One of the many times my advisor has been a great help to me was last fall (2011) when I was considering and looking at potential study abroad options. I last minute decided that I wanted to consider the option of studying abroad and need to figure out if I could do without prolonging my college career. I met with Katrina and she provided me with an assortment of study abroad programs and options; she helped me sort through classes, found alternative class options, and helped organize my potential class schedules all so I could study abroad if I wanted to! Unfortunately, I was unable to study abroad because of another obligation, my cousin's wedding, that happened to coincide with the semester I was planning to go during. Regardless, that situation allowed me to realize the value of a good advisor and made me really appreciate my particular one!

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