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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Target Project Finale!

Hello all! Today I wanted to share with you the details of our final project in it's entirety! This project, that I have blogged about previously in my posts, was a design collaboration with Target Corporation's Design and Product Development team. The assignment was to find a "white space opportunity" within an assigned floor pad. A "floor pad" is a type of apparel and design we were given, for example women's ready to wear or intimates/performance. Our flood pad was "big girls" or girls sizes 4-16, which is basically elementary aged girls. A "white space opportunity" is defined by Target as an area of the market that Target currently isn't tapping into. This could be unique to Target, as in other competitors are designing it and marketing it to customers, but Target hasn't caught on yet, or something that no one in the industry currently is carrying. Our white space that we identified was girls apparel that was in between basics and very girly almost "teen" clothing. We wanted to design something that little girls would want to wear, but that was also appropriate and appealing to their parents and adults in their life. We decided to pair with STEM, which stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, and is an organization that aims to introduce these fields to girls and get them more involved through after school programs and summer camps. We took inspiration from technology and science imagery to create our color palette and many of the style lines and prints used in the line.

We presented our project to Target Corporation last Thursday, and overall it went well! We received good feedback and our group was very happy with how everything turned out. It is also going to be a great portfolio piece, as we took a product line from inspiration to concept to production, and on to merchandising and advertising plan. Below are some images from the project!



Lucie, Apparel Design