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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Synthesis, Process and Final Reviews

Reviews are done, although it truly does not feel like it yet. I need time to come down off the high of studio work. Time was, as is for any studio project, not on my side and I went a few nights in a row with very little sleep and a lot of caffeine. Now that I am "done" there is lots of time to chill and re-experience the city. Thumbnail image for me in the palacechairs.jpgfarewell dinner.jpgYesterday our amazing Accent Center director Deniz B. took us all out for a farewell dinner. It was in a neighborhood called the "women's bazaar" it sold a lot of cheese and honey. There were some cool streets with kids playing soccer, they didn't allow cars through. It was a fun time. The we went to the Pera Palace for dessert. It is a great hotel now, an 18th century morish influenced building. I got an delicious strawberry cake.Thumbnail image for stawberry cake.jpg
Today Rachel, Andrea and I went to Tophane to get haircuts, then walked to the train and went to Eminonu aka the Spice Bazaar stop. We literally went shopping to find extra luggage so that we have enough space for everything we have acquired throughout the trip. We have been so many places that ticket stubs, t-shirts, hookahs, and gifts have really added up! Now we are packing, some of us staying in the region for a bit longer and have to say goodbye to those who are leaving. Its a crazy time of transition. I think traveling, living and studying with the same 12 people has een one of the most intense experiences of my life. I learned a lot about myself and what I want out of life and my degree. Next year I will be starting the accelerated Masters of Landscape Architecture at UMN. I am really excited to have my own desk! and meet the people I will be working closely with for the next couple of years! Wow. One adventure to the next. I hope things are wrapping up for everyone well back at the U.

If anyone has any questions or wants to chat about the trip or the MLA please feel free to write me a question via the comments.

Until next time,

Sarah S.