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Monday, May 6, 2013


935307_10151366712212187_836550953_n.jpgThis past weekend I made my big debut as a model! It was a super exciting experience and I hate a lot of fun.

I was modeling for RED: [Super] High Fashion, a fashion show put together by a group on campus called Fashion & Business, or FAB. They work hard every year to create a theme and concept for their annual fashion show. From there they recruit apparel designers (many of them are students from the College of Design). The designers find their models and create their looks, then after all of the fancy show production details are set, it's time for the runway! This year each designer created three looks: one superhero, one villain, and "the cape". It was really cool seing how every designer had a different take on the three looks and the end results were so impressive.

I love being in the College of Design because I have met so many amazing people from various majors. Because we're such a tight knit community, I'm friends with students from all of the different majors. That's how I met Tess Ross, the designer I modeled for and if I hadn't met her, I probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to model in a fashion show.

It was such an awesome rush of endorphins and I really loved the whole experience. Hopefully I'll be able to model again sometime!

Until the next one,

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