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Monday, May 27, 2013

Minneapolis for the Win!!

Well I am officially back in Minneapolis. It feels really nice to be somewhere so familiar. I am having a good time back on my bicycle, trying to remember the streets that are good for bikes, and the construction routes that are in the way. Two good sites I use are Cyclopath for a customized route and Minneapolis City of Lakes this one is a larger view of the Twin Cities bike-able streets.
911 memorial.jpg
I have to say Minneapolis is a manageable city. Going from Rome to Istanbul then to New York I fully realize and appreciate how easy this city can be to navigate, connect with and interact with, even if your just visiting. Although all these cities are amazing, historic, and engaging. Minneapolis is seriously beautiful and green. We have a good relationship with the natural elements. Thanks to landscape architects Charles Loring and Horace Cleveland
These two men designed and orchestrated the Twin Cities so that natural amenities are public areas. The chain of lakes, Hiawatha trails, Minnehaha, Mississippi River, and Theodore Wirth parks just to name a few, are publicly used spaces that are cared for by the city of Minneapolis. Thumbnail image for ladies pavilion.jpg
I saw some amazing places in New York City: the Ladies Pavilion and some meadows in Central Park. I visited the 9/11 Memorial (pictured). It was an amazing experience, although a bit cumbersome to enter. The memorial site is gorgeous, done by Davis Brody Bond and Snøhetta Architects. The memorial site is so subtle yet easy to use. There are electronic kiosks that help people find any name that as been etched into the side of these voids, there are 2. So if you lost someone that day you can look up their name placard easier, you can also donate money and view the map through these stations. Its a great site. I highly recommend a visit if you are in NYC!!