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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ancient Smyrna, Constantinople and then the States

This week changed everything. I was traveling by myself in Turkey. Not something done by a lot of women apparently. But I got a very hospitable and warm welcome where ever I went. I began in Izmir, formerly known as Smyrna. A large city, possibly the 3rd largest city in Turkey in recent years. It has a completely different feeling than Istanbul. The city lines the Aegean Sea and used to have the streets lined in Greek style summer homes. However, the city created a boardwalk to line the sea, covered up the beaches, and tore down the majority of the two story homes that allowed the sea air to penetrate the city streets. Now 5 and 6 story mixed-use apartment complexes line the boardwalk, giving the city's edge a defined line. The city is most well known for the Clock Tower, Konak Ferry Station, and Agora.
Next I ventured off to Kusadasi, pronounced Kushadasuh. It is a beautiful beach town inhabited by local Turks, Kurds and Greek born Turkish people. It is very near to many Greek Islands, and the ownership of these islands is a hot topic for any Turk. The main beach is called Ladies Beach. It has a high volume of Irish and English tourists, many of which own property and vacation there regularly. I recommend staying in Kusadasi a couple nights, it is a good distance from Ephesus and many other archaeological sites around the Aegean Sea.
My vacation time was wonderful. I am now recently in the United States, visiting family and loved ones is New York. I will write you all about the things I'm up to this week soon.

Hope your first week of freedom is going well. Until next week!

Sarah S.
Landscape Design and Planning.
BED 2014