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Monday, April 1, 2013

Touring Target Headquarters

This past Friday, some fellow Retail Merchandising students and I got a chance to go on a Target Corporation tour. The Design Student and Alumni Board, who sets up great opportunities and events for current College of Design Students year round, arranged the tour.

T.jpgThe tour kicked off with a panel of speakers who work in merchandising, buying, sourcing, and planning for Target Corporation; they spoke about their specific jobs within Target, their educational backgrounds, and the career paths they have taken get to where they are at now. It was very interesting to see how diverse their career backgrounds were; some started working for Target straight out of college, while others got their start at different companies. Educational backgrounds differed too, ranging from Psychology to Retail Merchandising majors. They also spoke to us about Target's Corporate Culture and what working for Target looks on a job-to-job and company basis. It was really interesting to learn more about the company and about the different career paths! I'd be lying if I said that it didn't make me desire to seek them out as a future employer!

The tour took place in the second portion of the event and was fairly brief because we ended up spending the majority of the event speaking with panel and learning about Target. The tour, regardless of being short, was still really interesting! We got to see a few different areas of the current building, as well as an additional section that has just recently been developed; it was really cool to see how Target establishes a balance between work/life even within their headquarters.

The event was really fun and also very resourceful, because we were given contact information to be able to network as well! I am just very thankful that the College of Design sets up events and opportunities like this for its students.

Sasenka- Retail Merchandising

Photo: Target Headquarters at night
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