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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Time to Recharge

bikes Princes Islands.jpgSo we have just 6 weeks left of the semester. Time has flown by, moving from Minneapolis to Italy and then to Istanbul has been a crazy experience. I feel like I am working so hard, and getting so little done at times. In Istanbul are doing an amazing studio project, learning HIstory of the Mediterranean region, from Byzantium to Constantinople to Istanbul, and taking a Visual Cultures course that requires presentations on different themes around the city. That plus blogging for the trip and CDES, trying to stay in shape for soccer season, cooking, and sharing the slowest internet possible with 3 other people, it feels like time is not on my side. I am sure you can relate! somehow at the end of every semester, no matter how well you mangage your time, there is so much to do. climbing the rocks Princes Islands.jpgThese pictures are of our excursion to the Prince's Islands, a day full of biking and climbing up some rocks and fun with the whole group.
I decided to try and stay calm, keep exercising, and make the most of the time I do work. Its okay to manage your time so that you have free/relaxing hours in your day. Although when your trying to reach multiple deadlines it seems like the worst idea ever. It is important for students to take time for ourselves. If not we might end up stressing out too much, not being productive, getting emotional, all in all make ourselves sick or unhealthy.
Street Art Tophane Park.jpg
Dont get me wrong, if your stressed out and in a time crunch, go do something that you enjoy that might inspire a project or assignment. For example, last Thursday I was feeling down, so I went on a walk around the Tophane Park area, above the main road. I found some great street art, views of the Bosphorous, an organic cafe (which are a rare treat in this city), and some awesome new staircases that cut straight down mountain sides. I was totally taken aback by how easy it was to change my mood, just by changing hat i was doing. Makes sense, but sometimes we all need a much deserved, albiet obvious, change of pace. I returned to my work the next day and felt more centered, able to concentrate and had some great stories to share.

Stay sane and happy out there guys. Until next week,

Sarah S.