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Monday, April 1, 2013

Research can be fun too!

WAM.jpgWhen most people think of research, they tend to cringe. To be honest though, I think that's just because they don't know how much fun research can be! In my Interior Design Studio IV and my Lighting Design, Codes and Safety courses, we have been introduced to the concept of precedent studies. A precedent study is basically initial research on a topic to help you develop a solution for a current project. In this case, we are doing precedent studies on existing museums to help us better learn about what works and does not work for museum design, the crucial elements that must be included, and the newest innovations.

My studio group of three students including myself decided to design a museum that would house various types of sculpture. We are required to do three precedent studies (one in person and two online) so we split them up amongst ourselves. I took the in person study and visited the Weisman Art Museum on campus. This museum was perfect for our initial study because it housing a dynamic collection of sculpture ranging in size and medium.

While at the museum, I was able to interview staff and snap a number of photos. The next step will be to organize and depict my findings in a informative report.

Research like this is fun because it is directly applicable to a project I am currently working on. It's also always fun checking out museums and new exhibits, so I really can't complain about a homework assignment like that!

Until the next one,

Ashley O.
Interior Design