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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Prototype fit tests

Hello all! This week I thought I would blog about my design collaboration with Target and how it is going. Last week, in my blog, I wrote about the print that my group designed and printed in the digital lab. This week I wil elaborate on what we did with that fabric!

We took the printed fabric and continued working on our prototype for Target. Our other two fabrics used in the design are coordinating teal and brown corduroy. We used the print fabric to accent the garment in pops, and unexpected areas. The print is being used on the inside of the cuffs, the underside of the collar, and the inside lining of the entire shirt. Below is an image of our garment!


We met with our Target design team counterparts last week, and went over our designs and talked about potential issues with production. When a designer is designing something for their own line, like we have done so far, you only think about what the price is of the one product. When designing for a company like Target, you have to think about the entire production line and all that goes into it, as far as cost. Many of our potential issues were in regards to costing, which makes sense. Creating your own print and using three different fabrics in one garment can be costly!

More next week!
Lucie, Apparel Design