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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More GD3 Packaging!

GD3 (Packaging and Display) has definitely been one of the most time intensive, but also most fun classes of the semester. It is refreshing to do some hands on work in a semester dominated by computer work. Today, I presented my second packaging design project - Rizzare Premium Kombucha. If you aren't familiar with Kombucha, it is a fermented tea beverage that contains probiotics like those in greek yogurts. Kombucha is well know to be a very detoxifying and rejuvenating drink, but there is not much marketing differenciation between the few types you will commonly find in a nicer grocery store or corner market.

One of the reason I chose to do Kombucha for this project is that I felt I could more easily develop a brand and product marketed towards women. My portfolio was lacking any projects directed specifically at women, but being able to design for any audience is important, so I took this opportunity to break out of my shell and specifically market towards very active and athletic, health-conscious women between the ages of 20 and 40. Below you can see the brand board I put together- this board gives a quick overview of the interest and lifestyle of my target audience and helps to focus design decisions.


One of the biggest things I was influenced by when designing the packaging for Rizzare was Chipotle's typographic bags and cups. I felt that the handwritten type on Chipotle's packaging provided a very down to earth and authentic feel - exactly what I wanted to communicate with Rizzare. I chose to package Rizzare in Tetra Paks for two reasons: 1) An active or athletic person doesn't want to throw a glass bottle that could potentially break into their bag. 2) Tetra Paks are unique in that they keep contents sterile - even milk in Tetra Paks doesn't need to be refrigerated. This is advantageous for Kombucha due to the raw, probiotic nature of the beverage which is susceptible to spoilage. Check out quick snap of the final product below:


The end of the semester is approaching rapidly. What projects are you most excited about working on? Let me know in the comments.

Sean Mateer
Graphic Design