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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let's Build Stuff!

Today in my interior design studio, we focused on concept development for our current museum design projects. Concept development process work can include coming up with concept words, sketches and even 3-D models. It's fun to think in a conceptual, abstracted way and really break through to a new way of brainstorming.

IMG_2368.jpgIn the photos I've included you can see a lot of group work happening. Our museum project is broken up through the class so each group (made of 3 or 4 students) will design their own museum. Group work is always appreciated during school because it is very rare that you will work on projects alone once you are at a design firm. Being able to learn the skills necessary to successfully work in a group now are essential for thriving as a professional. Some of these traits include compromise, communication and being able to take in criticism.

So far I've really enjoyed working in my group! I'm working with Sean and Ashley and we are gelling really well together so far. We utilize technology resources like Google Drive and Facebook so even when we aren't face to face we are able to continue the design process and share our ideas with each other. Our generation is so lucky because we have so many ways to communicate with one another outside of class and it really shows in the finished product because every element of the design solution is especially well thought out.

We've still got some work to do before the end, but I'll keep you posted as we work along!

Until the next one,

Ashley O.
Interior Design