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Monday, April 29, 2013

Intensive Levels Of Design

Hey UMN!
Well we are really getting close to finishing up the school year. But finals and presentations are still in our future!
In Turkey we are still working on a design project the involves a ferry, bus, and 2 types of Metro-Tram stations. It is an intensive almost semester long project. So far we have had to work at all scales, almost city/region,neighborhood, site, and details on the site. It has been difficult to work long term on this project, because there are so many elements to keep track of and design. A lot of times I get frustrated with my own work and think it is incomplete or just plain ugly. However, my professor Ozayr has been helping us all through these moments of doubt and uncertainty. rumis tomb muzesi.jpg
We did have some relief this week as the whole group traveled through Turkey from Istanbul to Urgup, a day trip through the mountain formations of the Devrent Valley and Cappadocia, even a hot air balloon ride at dawn. Then we made a quick pit stop at Afghani poet, Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi's, tomb. Tombs, or Tumbesi, are structure attached to the mosque complex, with large headstones that are used to signify importance or position of the people that are buried. Rumi seemed amazing, his tomb was giant, and his work is epic!

From Central Anatolia we traveled about 13 hours to Kusadasi, a small beach town with a lot of fun exciting tourist activity. We took a day trip to Ephesus, as you can see in the pictures to the left and below. We all took notice of how well preserved these ruins are, for a city that was established over 8 thousand years ago. It was a new type of experience, and the day put all of us in good spirits, and gave us some much needed fresh air!
We are finally back in the city of Istanbul, with only 10 days left to be together, learning and traveling all the time. It feels surreal how fast the trip went and how many things I have seen and done. Next week will be my final review so I will be writing with that experience and some final words from the session in Istanbul.

Until Next Week,

Sarah S.
Landscape Design and Planning