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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Housing Prevails in my Elective Coursework

Despite being enrolled in only one housing studies course this semester as I finish up my architecture minor and thematic technology coursework in the School of Architecture, I've been learning about, designing, studying, and researching a variety of other various housing-related topics in these courses. PRINT THIS ONE.png
Besides being relevant to my major and interests, I'm also getting the opportunity to apply my design and creative skills in a much different setting and approach, which has me learning all kinds of new technological tools ranging from light Adobe Illustrator work to complex modeling programs that continue to occupy a relatively sizable chunk of my time. Although it took a while to get a hang of things, I'm now a fairly competent user of SketchUp and steadily improving.

Overall, this semester has been a lot less time hitting the books at a library and more time in the Rapson or McNeal Computer Labs. However, recent assignments and final project details in my Architecture Since 1750 course has brought our small focus group together in a way that puts aside our discussuions on the design of the huge timeline we've been thoughtfully piecing together - the new information that we uncover both in class and in our case study examples seem to strengthen yet further complicate the our final thesis. It will be interesting to see what happens in upcoming weeks as we move into the modernist era of the course.

Take care and happy April everyone!

Jesse LaMaack
- Housing Studies, B.S,