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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Design Real Life

Hello all! Hope you had a great April Fool's day yesterday! :)

Lately I have been very busy perfecting my design portfolio, resume and website, to create my professional and creative design persona for the public eye. This is very important for any career, but in design, your portfolio can be more important as it shows what you can really do as a creative individual. In my experience in design and design related jobs, resumes are tools to get you noticed and brought in for interviews, while your website and portfolio will show you as a designer and what you can do, and in turn will get you the job. (Hopefully!)

In the College of Design, and in the apparel design major, you take two specific classes that focus on the professional and presentation side of you as a designer. In your sophomore year you will take one based specifically on internships and how to access positions and apply, as well as ways to stand out from the pack. You will start your resume and website process in this class, and continue it as you learn and grown through the years. The second class, which I am in currently but in the future will be in the sophomore or junior year of study, focuses on resumes and final portfolios, which will help in obtaining a full time design position after graduation.

Below is a link and photo of my website/portfolio that I am working on.


Lucie, Apparel Design