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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Class Schedule and Internship

Hey UMN,

It is so close to the beginning of Summer! Most of us are excited, but for a few of us, including me, things are getting down to the wire. Expected graduations, class schedules not being perfect. Its a lot to handle on top of the semesters work!
So I am reporting back to you about class schedule issues, internship status and the MLA program. Update: I did get into the MLA (Masters of Landscape Architecture) at the U of M. So starting next fall I begin with my accelerated masters degree curriculum. Im so happy that I was introduced to the idea and pushed to apply by my Professor and head of the LA Department, Brad Agee. Brad was here in Istanbul, and really helped me along with the process. Now I am getting ready to start a new chapter in my academic journey. However, the MLA course work is very demanding. I still have some undergraduate credits to finish up and was having a hard time figuring out my schedule with the MLA requirements. So I got out some emails to Brad and my advisor Chris Schlichting...having trouble getting things figured out in Istanbul. They were super helpful and now I'm going to be taking summer courses at Minneapolis Community and Technical College to get myself in good shape for the fall. Focusing on my Masters courses is super important and I do not want any further distractions coming at me next fall. Both Brad and Chris have been helping me figure out things to make sure I graduate, like summer courses and the required internship, which I still do not have set up. Things are looking complicated, but I know I have people at the U of M who are there to help and encourage me through the tough times.
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Back to the present time in Turkey. These pictures are all of the Topkapi Palace. We had two classes in one day at the site, it was a long fun beautiful day of sketching. The group was getting ready for some reviews last Monday, mostly re-figuring some plan work, and taking the comments from our amazing critic panel last week to help push our designs. We are also heading out to Cappadocia, Turkey in central Anatolia on Tuesday. Its a semi spring break that we are having almost at the end of the term. I am hoping for clear sunny skies for the hot air balloon ride we will take at about 5:30 am Wednesday morning.

Until next week,

Sarah S.