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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bazaar of Life

This week is the start of the end. Its 3 weeks til finals. Our reviews are intense and getting the project at Kabatas is getting detialed like i never have done before. It is exciting seeing a place where you are "working" coming to life through drawings. But its also important to give all the courses and lessons here in Istanbul a highlight on the blog. Today we went on a walking tour of the Grand Bazaar. Not a shopping tour, like it may seem, but Ozayr had a friend come and walk us through all the intricacies, HANS, history, hidden passages, antiquated productions, rooftops and great merchants' stores. han courtyard with palimpsest.jpg
There are tons of amazing sites in Istanbul that we all have become familiar with, but there so many places we would never get to see if not for Ozayr and his amazing array of contacts. We got to see a collapsed in roof that housed a giant loom. The weaving industry of Istanbul had to be pushed out by the government because of the intense vibrations the machines caused. We walked up onto the roofs of a han courtyard, the same roof featured in James Bond Skyfall. on top of han.jpgAlthough it seemed much too small to actually facilitate that great chase seen, it was beautiful the views spectacular and the city was all around us. We stayed up there until the sounds of the call to prayer began. Then i shut my eyes and heard so many sounds I never let myself hear before. My experience was one of a kind. And i cant believe how nice it was to shut my eyes and let myself experience the city which is so vivid and visual, in a different way. Let yourself be influenced by out of the ordinary happenings. The design college is always telling us to go out and experience things in order to gain a better understanding of what we want to do and what we like. Do these types of things while you can.
loom with no ceiling.jpgGo to the Mississippi River, Draw, Photograph, Listen, Collage, Paint and Write. These types of memories will do you much better than doing just one or even studying from the images found on the internet or just a book. its these types of analysis images that help our designs and can create a really dynamic and inspired design. Im trying to learn to trust my own designs by doing these things more often. So go try something new or different than your used to. Incorporate this into your work at school. Have fun, and stay strong for just a few more weeks!
Until next time,

Sarah S.