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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Art Crank

Hello readers! This week I thought I would blog about the great art and design shows and opportunities here in the Twin Cities. Having a great design school in the heart of such a thriving art city is a wonderful opportunity. I have already blogged about MNFashion and Minneapolis St Paul Fashion Week, which happens twice a year, with other singular events occurring throughout the year.

Another great event that I just attended was the annual Art Crank event. Art Crank is a great Minneapolis event that combines the two loves of the Cities'; bicycling and art! Art Crank brings together graphic designers and screen printers to create bicycle inspired art, which then is displayed and sold during the night of Art Crank. It is a fun event to visit and meet other art and cycling enthusiasts. Below is a picture of one of the prints!


Another great event coming up is Retro Rama. Retro Rama is an annual event put on by the Minnesota Historical society that revolves around vintage clothing and style. There is vintage clothing on display, historical food and crafts, and a fashion show featuring looks by local designers that were inspired by a historical period. This year the event is on May 17th, and I encourage any of you to come check it out!

Lucie, Apparel Design