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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Target: Design Part 2

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely spring break, and relaxed a bit. I did, but now its back to the grind, and the last 6 weeks of my college career before I graduate! I can't wait!

The biggest project that I am currently working on is our Product Development's collaboration with Target Corporation, to create a product and marketing plan for an assigned floor pad. The floor pads that Target had us focus on varied from infants and toddlers to menswear to intimates. Our assigned floor pad, and target market, was "Big girls", which means girls ready to wear fashion in sizes 4-16. Our assignment was to research the target market and what was being offered to them currently and pinpoint what was missing. Then to design a line of clothing and products to fit this missing section, and create a floor plan, marketing strategy and advertising campaign for the collection.

Our group decided to focus on clothing for girls that wasn't overly girly, or too grown up for their age group. We conducted surveys, and completed extensive research and discovered that there was a gap in this area, most of what is offered currently is either very girly with frills and sparkles, or was too basic for girls to be interested (plain tee shirts, etc). We are at the point now where we are sketching and deciding what the pieces in our line/collection will actually be. Below is an image of our mood board!


Lucie, Apparel design