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Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break: A Good Time to Get Stuff Done

So maybe I'm not going on that dream vacation over spring break to the Bahamas that I've ben planning since I was 10 years old... but I am staying in the beautiful (and snowy) Minneapolis for break. With all this free time on my hands, sure I could nap, Netflix, and not do nothing at all, but instead I want to do something I'll be proud of this break. I vow to be productive.

website clip.jpgIt's officially day one, and I have definitely stuck to my goals of productivity. This morning I had an informational interview at 8:00am with a professional from a local firm. After that I had another meeting with Frederic MacDonald, the Director of MCAE (Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence). After my meeting with Frederic, I went in to work at the Student Services office for a little over 5 hours in preparation for the Architecture Networking + Portfolio event, among other things. Now I'm sitting at Espresso Royale, a coffee shop in Dinkytown, and I'm working on my online portfolio.

It's been nice being productive because I have some flexibility and variety from my usual class schedule. Although I don't have to, I still make sure to get up early in the AM and not waste away my days.

Other goals for break I have include:
- working on my resume
- writing a paper for my Art History class
- updating my LinkedIn account
- etc.

We'll see how I do, but wish my luck! I'll keep you guys posted in next week's blog.

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