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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Public Interest Design Week

If you aren't tearing your hair out and falling asleep in class this week due to all of the design projects due and exams to study for, you must really be on top of things - nice job! Sometimes the week before Spring Break seems almost as busy as finals week, but we're almost there! I'll be spending the majority of my spring break in Jackson, WY with the University's Ski and Snowboard club, but when I come back I am going to try to catch the last day or two of the College of Design's Public Interest Design Week.

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What is Public Interest Design Week you say? It's five days of workshops and events uniting people at the intersection of design and public service. It's going to be a really great event. Best of all, many of the events are FREE! Check out the Public Interest Design website for the full details, but here is a glimpse at a few of the events that I think look interesting:

Extreme by Design
Wednesday, March 20th. 7:30pm, Rapson Hall
A documentary film following a group of students from the Stanford Design School.

If You Build It
Wednesday, March 20th. After Extreme by Design, Rapson Hall
Another documentary observing students in Studio H, one of America's most innovative classrooms.

Saturday, March 24th. Rapson Hall
Holy cow this is going to be cool! If you aren't familiar with The Noun Project, go check it out right now! The Noun Project is a website that is working to build a visual language through icons for anything and everything via user submission. You could contribute icons right now if you wanted! Hear two of the creators of The Noun Project speak and facilitate a day of icon creating collaboration!

What are your plans over spring break? If you are going to be around, make sure to check out Public Interest Design Week!

Sean Mateer
Graphic Design