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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Precedents, Reviews, and Designs!

This week I had a large design planning review for the Kabatas Ferry Station/Site . On the study abroad trip we have BED, BS, and BDA students. As, you may recall from the previous posts, our assignment here in Istanbul tailored to our degree programs and everyone learns from each other for different components of their work. Its a very good experience to talk with designers from different fields and get some unique insights. The reviews were really exciting, and we all spent a lot of time on our drawings for a short time to explain ourselves, thoughts, and processes. I realized how unprepared I was for my presentation! I had worked so hard to get my lines and renderings down pat, but when I had my turn to talk, it all came out in a quick spattering of information that could have made a stronger case for either one of my design ideas. All I can say is to practice the speech before you get to the presentation, and remember to write down the notes of your critique. It will help you for future assignments!
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Precedents used for our designs include, but are not limited to :
historic Frogtown district urban farm...up and coming, thanks to the light rail project ....will connect you to the U of M
Kinetic energy pavement tiles...making energy out of traffic!
HighLine New York
Also if your looking for something cultural in the surrounding communities, Powderhorn Park is hosting a Holi Festival (Festival of Lights) with Bollywood Dancing and food this Wednesday April 3rd at 6:30pm.