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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hello again,

I have been mentioning the Public Interest Design Week for the past several months. Thank you for waiting so patiently, this blog entry is dedicated to PID Week just for you all!

Images from the PID Week by John Cary. Click HERE for the slideshow.

I attended the PID Institute on Thursday and Friday. It was one of the most inspiring events in my life. There were so many people from all around the country, who are doing public interest design work all over the world. I get to learn about projects in places like Kenya, Indonesia, and Detroit. the most important knowledge I gained from this institute was how to start a public interest design project and how to get those who are outside the design discipline to join you. People still see public interest design as a separate type of design, when in fact it should be part of every design project we do. We should design for the people, not for the profit. There were also many important people at the event. There were Michael Kimmelman who is the New York Times architecture critic, Liz Ogbu who is an award-winning designer and my role-model, Bryan Bell who is the founder of SEED and Design Corps, and John Cary who is the founder of This Friday at the College of Design, students will be holding a discussion on how us, the students, can start public interest design project in our community. If you happen to be nearby Rapson Hall this Friday, be sure to check it out!

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Some of the photos from CDes facebook page.

See you next blog!

Beau S.

Architecture B.D.A.