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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Off to See Some Mansions

Spring Break has passed and the final stretch of the semester has arrived at last. With school back in full swing, tomorrow is the time to make one of the assigned personal field trips for my Architecture Since 1750 course. This trip will be an essential part of an important group project my peers and I have been working on since week two of the class.

By the end of the semester, each small group of students will have created a detailed timeline outlining the evolution of a specific type of architecture over the past few centuries. Per my request, I was placed in the group researching historic residential architecture - we're all working together surprisingly given our busy schedules.

semple_mansion_party_01_.jpgvandusenGrn.jpgAnyways, tomorrow afternoon I will be trekking over to the Stevens Square Neighborhood of Minneapolis to check out a pair of late 19th century mansions which have been more recently converted into private event spaces for weddings and other sorts of lavish get-togethers. The first will be Semple Mansion, a boastful Beaux-Arts style residential structure completed in 1901. The second will be the Van Dusen Mansion just down the street. The Van Dusen Mansion is probably my favorite large home in the Twin Cities - it is completely cladded with Pink Sioux Quartzite which gleams in the sunlight. Overall, two very impressive structures.

I'm only required to visit one site for the assignment, but I figure I'll go above and beyond this time since the two mansions happen to be less than a block away from one another. Senioritis has not overcome me just yet!

Jesse LaMaack
- Housing Studies, B.S.