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Monday, March 25, 2013

Need a Study Option?

When crunch time rolls around, it's crucial that I have the right place to hit the books and get down to business. For me, the location really depends upon my mood. What's great about the U of M campus is that there is a dynamic blend of study spaces fit for everyone and every mood.

When I need peace and quiet I always head to Walter Library. It's located on the East Bank of the U and is fairly central because Coffman and Dinkytown are nearby. Usually, I'll plan to grab dinner somewhere and make sure I'm fueled and ready to work hard. It's nice because Walter also offers tutoring so if I ever get hung up on my homework I always have a place to go for help.

Coffee Shops
Coffee shops are another great option when I want to get a lot of work done but in a lighter, more casual way. I really enjoy changing it up so I frequent many different coffee shops in the area. Some of my favorites include Espresso Royale, Purple Onion, Dunn Bros, and Caribou. Studying in a coffee shop is nice because you can invite a friend or a few and make it a social experience that is also productive. You also can't go wrong when you've got a constant source for fresh brewed coffee and yummy pastries.

As a design student, the studio is near and dear to my heart. When I have a big project, the studio is the perfect place to go to spread out and jump in. It's great for group collaboration, but it's also nice when you are working individually because you have a lot of space to get focused and really run wild with your ideas. I typically head over to McNeal Hall because the 4th floor is like interior design home base. I find that coming to work in a place where my classes are held helps me to keep focused.

In addition to the places I highlighted, there are more study spaces on campus including the student unions, classrooms, and outside when the weather permits! Leave a comment and let me know where you like to study.

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