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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Istanbul Swing

Well, I have been in Istanbul 11 days already. Its going by quick and were learning a great deal about the city of Istanbul, the Bosphorous, Architecture, Golden Horn, Constantinople, Byzantine Culture and History. Classes started again on Monday we have a Design Studio course led by Ozayr, Turkish language lessons led by our ACCENT leader and awesome guide Deniz B. and a history class called "Byzantium Constantinople: crossroads of east and west" headed by Deniz K. We are busy. But we still have a lot of fun out in the metropolis that is Istanbul. This is possibly one of my favorite cities I have ever been. Last night I was asked where my favorite place to travel has been, although only a week and a half in, it is pretty close to the top. The weather is getting nicer, which you might not like to hear. I am sorry my MN snow bound friends. I really am sorry. blog march 12th.jpg
As I keep familiarizing myself with the city I am in awe of how fast I became comfortable here. The program, put in motion and set up by Ozayr and many supporters, is a culmination of his hard work and amazing ability to work alongside and befriend almost anyone he meets. It seems that Ozayr makes friends with everyone. By the end of the trip the whole block will know him. Which is a great thing for the UMN connection to Turkey! This program is open to all Architecture Students and Landscape Planning and Design Students. A trip like this is helping me build my portfolio and resume. Brad Agee, a 3 time professor of mine and Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Landscape Architecture is here to lend a knowledgable hand in our studio design project. He is also visiting the center and helping put on the welcome dinner soiree that is being thrown in honor of the beginning of UMN in Istanbul. Lots of professors, Architects, Regents, and even the Dean Tom Fisher wil be in attendance. I wish I could tell you more! IF you do want more, you should check out our wordpress blog that the whole group contributes to. Its a better look into daily life and fun adventures.

Until Next Time,

Sarah S.
Landscape BED May 2014