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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I wish you were there...

Hello again,

Last week I promised you all that I will write about the Dean's Reception that happened on February 23rd, 2013. The wait is over, you can find all the insights and updates here. We invited admitted Class of 2017 students to visit College of Design. There were tours to both McNeal Hall (home to our Apparel Design, Graphic Design, Housing Studies, Interior Design, and Retail Merchandising programs) and Rapson Hall (home to the Architecture and Landscape Architecture programs.) The students get to meet and chat with the Dean Tom Fisher, professors, current students, and alumni over lunch. Meeting over food is always a good idea. The most exciting part will have to be visiting all the facilities and studios. Students had the chance to try our Virtual Reality Lab, Digital Fabrication Lab, Imaging Lab, W.L. Hall Workshop and both the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Design in Architecture studios. Moreover, it was a beautiful day to tour the U of M campus.

(Left) Virtual Reality experiment, (right) casual lunch with parents, students and professors. Photos by College of Design

The highlight for me was speaking to some of you throughout the day. I got to know so many families, learn about your interests and what you bring to the College of Design. Besides all the amazing facilities in the College of Design, many more developments around the U of M will finish within this upcoming year as well. This includes the new expansion of the Recreational Center, the Light Rail Transit, the new student housing. What a great time to be a gopher!

  1. The Light Rail Transit animation

More photos from the Dean's Reception, click here!
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Beau S.
Architecture B.D.A.