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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Goldstein Exhibition

Hello all!

This week I thought I would talk about the current exhibition at the Goldstein Gallery of Art and Design. For those of you who aren't familiar with the gallery, this art and costume museum is housed within McNeal Hall on the St Paul campus and is home to a very extensive archive of historical costume and fashion items. Some of these items are on display during the year as part of the gallery's biannual exhibitions, but all of them are available to view and examine at any time by appointment with the gallery and collection staff.

The current exhibition is entitled Redefining, Redesigning Fashion and is all about sustainability within the fashion and design industries. The concept for the exhibition was to approach sustainable design and eco-conscious fashion in a unique and new perspective, within predetermined categories like unique construction, materials, concept, etc. There are over 50 pieces on display, ranging from those designed with reusable and responsibly obtained fabrics, to those created out of unconventional materials.

I have two of my own designs in the gallery, on display. One is categorized within the unconventional materials category, and one is a piece focused on versatility. Below is a picture of my versatile piece in the gallery!


Lucie, Apparel Design