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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dean's Reception Part 2

Hello readers and viewers! I hope you all survived the crazy Minnesota weather this past week.

I wanted to post again about The Dean's Reception, because this week I can share pictures from the event! So, the Dean's Reception allows incoming freshmen, and their families, the unique opportunity to meet and interact with the large group of incoming freshmen in the entire College of Design, their individual discipline: graphic design, interior design, apparel design, etc, and the professors and staff that are within the college as well. It also allows upperclassmen, like myself, to meet new students who we will be interacting with. This semester, the Dean's Reception was slightly bittersweet, as I met students who will be at school next year, after I graduate! Imagining that I only have 2 months of school left, in my college career, is insane! I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed.

During the apparel design major specific time of the Dean's Reception, I had a chance to talk to incoming students about portfolio review. Portfolio review is most likely, for me at least, the scariest part of the first year during your time at the College of Design. Portfolio review takes place during finals week of your first spring semester, after your first studio class: studio one. I will write more about portfolio review next week! In the meantime, here is a photo of me and Lee, the other apparel design student who spoke at the Dean's Reception.


Lucie, Apparel Design