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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Analysis to Design and Render

These are super key terms when going through a design project. In this program we meld a lot of architecture and landscape terminology and project concepts into one big old studio course. sat at review.jpgWe had our analysis review last week which was really cool, insightful and bringing peoples ideas together. Now I am collecting samples, examples, pictures and studies of design elements I like and want to include in either or both of the design schemes due Monday. Luckily I have some LA2301 digital graphic info stashed in my head and im ready to get to work on the Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD and SketchUp. Yes, all of those programs just to do a couple designs this week. It is so important to know the fundamentals of each of these programs and they will save you time in the long run, plus they are great additions to your resume.
Speaking of resumes I have sent out mine to a handful of potential employers and Its scary waiting to hear from them. Internships and seasonal employment can be heard to come by but the U has some great opportunities. Last summer i got my job at a FREE environmental career fair that I went to at the St. Paul Student Center. I literally found out the day before. Its important to print your resume out, just incase they ask for it. Take a look at which companies will be there, have a game plan of which tables to hit so you dont look lost or bored! My advice is to play dress up. It shows you care, even though you have class for 6 hours that day. Also go to the portfolio and resume courses that the UMN offers for free. I am really sad that I have missed those opportunities this semester. It would have been great to have a solid resume and portfolio right now.
A great tumblr site the ARCH kids showed me today... you if you need another distraction. A cool firm doing cool things: KMD Architects blog besiktas.jpg And last but not least, I finally ate brunch with the boys and bought some very high quality salmon at the markets. sweeeeeet.

Until next week,

Sarah S.

Landscape Planning BED: 2014