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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekly Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday everyone! As the Spring 2013 academic term continues on at a steady pace, I though this week would be a good one to share with you all what a typical Weekday is like in my shoes. I would describe my weekly schedule as "action-packed" and Wednesdays are no exception.

JEsseLaMaackRapsonFeb2013.jpgOn busy days like these I usually try to wake up around 6:30am to get ready for the day, check my planner, and drink 2 cups of coffee before getting on the bus going westbound to the East Bank of the Minneapolis Campus. After the short bus ride, I brave a 4-minute walk outdoors (it's been quite cold lately) and arrive at my first daily destination - Rapson Hall, room 100 for a course called Design in the Digital Age. Without getting into too much detail, it's an architecture course focused on designing with the latest technology which we will likely use again one day in the "real world." I recently made the image below for a short assignment in the class using SketchUp software.  


After Design in the Digital Age, I quite literally sprint out of Rapson to the nearest Campus Connector bus stop and hopefully make it to my Rural Housing Issues class in McNeal Hall on the St. Paul Campus in around twenty minutes. I probably should have planned that out better during registration, but I usually make it on time. After Rural Housing Issues, I grab a quick bite to eat and hop back on the Campus Connector en route back to the West Bank Minneapolis Campus!

While my class schedule is empty for several hours at this point in the day (around noon), I'm still in a slight rush upon arrival at the West Bank because the bus to my internship isn't going to catch itself! I take MetroTransit Route 22 to 35th Avenue & Cedar Avenue in South Minneapolis and walk a block or two to the HOME Line office (a statewide nonprofit tenant advocacy organization). My time there consists of speaking with Minnesota renters who have legal questions about their housing. Usually, I'm always being of help to someone, which is a nice feeling.

Then back to East Bank Campus for a quick dinner and my one-day-a-week Intro to Public Speaking class from 6:00 - 9:00pm in Ford Hall. Pretty self-explanatory what happens in that class, but I will say that our lecturer is amazing and I'm actually learning a lot about how I present myself to the public (former Gopher Tour Guide here). After speech class, I usually go straight home and watch Netflix in my bed. Wednesdays are my day off of serious homework endeavors for obvious reasons.

Well, time to start my day. Cheers everyone!

Jesse LaMaack

- Housing Studies, B.S.