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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Do in College.

mostfun.jpgThe most important. The most fun. The most fantastical. The most resume-worthy... You might have seen these posters around McNeal this past week promoting the kickoff meeting for the revival of the U's AIGA Student Group.

If you aren't familar with it, AIGA stands for the American Institute of Graphic Arts. AIGA is a nationwide professional organization for designers (and students!), with over 66 different chapters. Minnesota has their own chapter and most of the events and conferences put on by AIGA Minnesota happen right here in the Twin Cities. Design schools often receive funding to create AIGA Student Groups that can plan their own events or organize trips to chapter wide events. The University has had an AIGA Student group in the past, but it unfortunately disbanded when the leaders graduated. Never fear, we are getting the group back together!

Join us this Thursday the 7th at 5:45 in McNeal 274 to learn more about AIGA and get signed up as a member! Becoming a member is heavily discounted for students and gives you the opportunity to attended awesome design and networking events where you can learn and make connections to better your chances of securing a job after graduation. In addition to having access to great AIGA events like monthly Cocktails with Creatives and Portfolio 1-on-1, you can also participate in events that we will put on just for U of M AIGA student members like going on studio tours or participating in a short workshop.

I hope to see you at the meeting!

Sean Mateer
Graphic Design