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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Target: Design

Hello all! I am at a bit of a stressful point in the semester, because our senior fashion show is less than 2 weeks away! Where did the time go!? I am down to the wire sending out press invites and coordinating with designers and models. We have a lot to do still, but we'll get it to work! 10 days and counting!

This week, I wanted to talk to you about a great project I will be working on this semester, in my Soft-lines class. We, in teams of 3 apparel design students and 3 retail merchandising students, work with Target to create a new product or line of products for a target market or group of consumers that we find Target isn't currently focusing on. This could be a size range, age group, style type or anything in between. Our overarching target market, which was assigned to us randomly, is "big-girls" which encompasses girls sizes 4-16, typically school aged girls. I am excited for our target market, as girls clothing, I find, is so "nitch" or specific: girly and pastel. I want to create something for the tom-boy girl, who is active and imaginative. Something with primary colors and fun geometric prints. Now, of course, we will have to decide on something as a team, collaboratively, and work with Target to have our ideas approved, but it's something to start with! Other groups were assigned active wear, "big boys", infants/toddlers, and other types of apparel and consumers.

Here is a shot of our design day at Target Corporate!


Lucie, Apparel design