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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rethink Lecture Hall

Hello again,

My class ARCH 3250 Creating a Culture of Innovation: the Link between Environment and Learning is doing something very exciting. We will be redesigning the learning spaces to better support the education. We have been discussing and researching about the ineffective of traditional classrooms and lecture halls. Let's think about this. How much information do we actually absorb or how much fun do we have when sitting in classroom where you cannot move out of your seat or chat. Not everyone learn the same way. Some people prefer quiet environment, some people prefer louder environment. Some people prefer discussion, some people prefer working alone, and some people want both. This raises a very important question of how can we serve all types of learners and support they way they learn and still flexible enough to be able to adapt to any new technology that will happen in the next decade.

Old top view of Humphrey School of Public Affairs scale model

So, our task is to redesign 2 institutions. The first one is the Humphrey School of Public Affairs which is a higher education institution. The second one is the North Park Elementary School, an elementary school in Minnesota. I choose Humphrey School of Public Affair because I am interested in higher education. I will show you the process of redesigning the building next week. Also, I will be part of the Dean's reception this weekend. If you will be there, please feel free to ask me any questions or just chat. I hope to see everyone there.

See you next blog!
Beau S.
Architecture B.D.A.