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Monday, February 11, 2013

Projects on projects on projects

Thumbnail image for photo-6.jpegSo in my previous blog posts, I've talked a lot about the IEEE Student Lounge redesign project we've been working on in studio. We finally presented last Thursday and it feels so good! As I move into the second semester of my second year, one thing I've noticed is how much the pace picks up for individual projects. At first, it was kind of scary thinking about doing an entire project in 3 weeks, but now that I've done it, I can honestly say I have no complaints. Thumbnail image for photo-5.jpegIt is a really rewarding experience to be able to work through the design process and go through each stage and come to an awesome end result in a quick amount of time. In past semesters, I would have had 2 months for a project that I am now able to complete in 3 weeks. It really goes to show how much I've grown, progressed, and learned in the interior design program. It felt amazing being able to present a project I was really proud of to a real life client. From here, the next steps are for the clients to review each individual design solution from my peers and I and decide on a solution or elements of multiple solutions they like. Once that's done, they are actually going to implement the design that they like into their student lounge. It's really cool to think that something I created could become a real life thing! Cross your fingers for me.

Ashley O.
Interior Design