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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Plans

Hey friends, hope your week is going well! This week I will talk about the new undergraduate plan for Retail Merchandising and Graphic Design that was announced just a few Fridays ago on February 8th. This new plan is one that gives students, within these two College of Design programs, the ability to graduate in three years rather than four. The three-year degree will be made available to those students enrolling in either Retail Merchandising or Graphic Design in the fall of 2014. You may be asking yourselves, how will I be able to finish a four years worth of credits in only three years? Well the answer to that is that students within those two majors, who choose to take on this new plan, will be able to take a full load of credits during the summer months. This new plan is only a pilot and will be used to determine whether there is really a need for students to complete a degree in three-years.

Photo 2798.jpgFor some more information, here are some news reports and articles that have reported on this new implementation.

- CBS Minnesota - Can you spot me in the video? hehe:)
- Startribune

Also a reminder for those of you who are going to the Dean's reception, it is this Saturday and I will be there! So please come say hi and chat with me! Because this is how excited I am to meet you! --- >

Sasenka- Retail Merchandising