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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Student Housing History

Although student housing isn't necessarily my area of expertise, I've had a variety of different experience as a tenant of Minneapolis student housing. This week, I thought it would be fun to briefly share them all with you all.

Pioneer Hall

76169234pio.jpgMy first and most memorable housing arrangement as a student was Pioneer Hall, an on-campus residence hall on the superblock. Highly recommended. Freshly separated from my parents and hometown, I was assigned a random roommate (who I continued to live with as a sophomore) in a two-bedroom suite. It was awesome and to make it even better, the dining center was right downstairs.

6th & 6th

Then came sophomore year. Our lack of apartment rental experience led my friends and I to the most ridiculous apartment I've set foot in - our old place on 6th Street & 6th Avenue Southeast in the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood near Dinkytown. Although it was situated in a charming and historic area of town, our six-unit apartment building was in pretty bad shape. Our apartment stood out among most others - its most notable features being the odd layout of everything along one never ending corridor, and boarded up porch windows. Overall though, rent was pretty cheap and it kept warm in the winter...and it definitely had character.

Chester's Palace

9167stxxzzz.JPGCome junior year, my roommates and I packed up and moved across I-35W to the edge of Dinkytown. Dinkytown, as you may well know, is the heart and soul of off-campus life. Five of us leased a HUGE house with five bedrooms, and also welcomed a black lab puppy named Chester to the family (hence Chester's Palace). Long story short, we quickly learned just how messy a house can get with five college-aged guys and too much living space, and a puppy. Almost impossible to keep clean. It was fun while it lasted, but that house will not be missed.

Southeast Talmage

My current residence is a little farther away from campus on Talmage Avenue Southeast in the Southeast Como Neighborhood. Our big group of five decided it was best to split up to avoid the unmanageable nature of five-bedroom places, which led us to choose a lovely 1970s duplex on the railroad tracks. The trains can be loud at times, but I'm mostly use to it by now and the apartment is quite nice. It is also conveniently situated on MetroTransit's Route 3 bus line which drops stops on East and West Banks of the Minneapolis Campus going westbound, and St. Paul Campus going eastbound - perfect for my trips to and from school!

Have a good week everyone!

- Jesse LaMaack
Housing Studies, B.S.