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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

International State of Mind

Hey friends! Today, I think I'll talk about some of the things I am learning in my International Markets class. This class has been really great so far and is helping me realize that I have a real interest in how business functions, occurs, and change outside of the United States. The class will be touching on a lot of different bases, but currently our focus is on the cultural differences between counties or societies and how being aware these cultural differences can help a business succeed globally.

4815838-earth-globe-high-resolution-image.jpgThe class format for International Markets is a mix of online activities and in-class lectures, about half and half; some days we meet in class and other days we meet online to complete online activities, quizzes, or attend virtual group discussions. However, no matter the class setting, we are constantly being stretched and growing in knowledge. One of our recent assignments was to watch some videos on dominant religions and cultures within specific countries; we then discussed how these specific worldviews could affect both business-to-business transactions and business to consumer transactions.

The more time I spend in this class, the more I realize how important the information I am learning really is! The class is preparing me and making me aware what needs to occur for international business transactions to be successful, which I find to be valuable, especially when I think about the fact that I am graduating soon and may end up working for a company who handles business all around the world.

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