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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hadrians Villa & Villa D'este

This week is going to be huge for the MSP-UMN-FCO-IST crew. hadrians villa.jpgWe have our projects finishing up...they are so cool! Huge maps of the city of Rome. Narratives melding with history and imagery. Its taking awhile to get them together, but I am looking forward to the review!
We went to Tivoli, Italy Saturday. It was a rainy day trip, still so lovely even though it was raining. berry e tree.jpgWe talked about the wild expanse of Hadrians Villa and the controlled upkeep and management of Villa D'Este. Hadrian created an imperial compound, acres of densely built up structures, Biblioteche (libraries), Gardins (gardens), Stadio (stadiums), multiple chapels, and so much more. It is a huge complex now in ruins and exposed brick. To warm up midday we all stopped in the caffe and got cappuccino e cioccolato caldo. Delicioso. balcony .jpg
Next stop: Villa D'Este. My favorite garden from LA 3413...Landscape History. Completely changed my view of the site however, to be there was so cool. The slope was insane, feeling at times like atop a cliff then flat. The upkeep on the Cardinal's villa is handled well and the parterre de broderie is well manicured and full. What is the most engaging feature of this site is the water. Its everywhere, flowing, gushing, standing, shining, running freely yet highly controlled. Somehow the engineering conquers gravity and is dispersed throughout the villa. The avenue of One Hundred Fountains, the Neptune Fountain, Oval Fountain, paths lined with rills. Hydrology is essential to this site and Hadrian's Villa. Italians do it well.

I'm off to bed (sufficiently needed!) and you will be hearing from me next time from Istanbul!

Sarah S.