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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Design for Change

Hello again,

I started my internship a month ago as a Social Design Intern at People Serving People (PSP). People Serving People is a homeless emergency housing with the emphasis in providing a broad range of on-site programs to help the families with jobs, housing, etc. I had the privilege to be working with an educational organization and a design studio in Los Angeles for a project at PSP. Our project is to create a new program for teens at PSP. We hope to use the design methodology that us, designers, are familiar with. We call it D3 which stands for Dream It, Design It, Do It. It has been implemented in Los Angeles and the results are extremely positive.

This is the first time that D3 will be implemented in the setting like homeless emergency housing. We hope that we can empower the teens because they are the ones who could potentially break the homeless cycle their parents are living in.

D3 Methodology

You may wonder how this is relates to architecture. As a designer, it is important that we realize the capability of design and its potential. Who knows, I might be designing a new facility to support this unique D3 program at PSP because the current facility was not design for that. Architecture is much more than designing buildings and design is much more than creating objects. It is invisible architecture and design. We provide these teens with the tools that they can apply to their lives. I am so glad that the unique architecture and design knowledge I have been gaining from the BDA program allows me to think outside the box. It was not hard for me to find the connection between design, homelessness, and social change.

See you next blog!
Beau S.
Architecture B.D.A.