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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

All Roads Lead to the Duomo

Or Rather, the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. This amazing building was the landmark of the city for sure. We could not walk anywhere without referencing the Duomo! In a smaller city like Florence we got to experience a lot more of the city in just a few days, although most of us fell in love with Florence. synagauge.jpgThe Arno River cuts through the city, similar to Rome and the rough Tiber, although the multitude of pedestrian bridges really captured a more intimate relationship with the natural realm than I have felt in Rome. The Piazzas were always full of activity and sunny most of the day. It felt easy to sit and draw most places, people stopped to look at a lot of the work we were doing. island fountain.jpg
We went to the famous Uffizi Gallery, spent the better half of the day within the great halls lined with paintings, sculptures and etchings. The Piazza Uffizi lines the river banks creating some outstanding vistas and vantage points. The kinetic energy was outstanding in Florence. Between the walkability level, series of connected Piazzas and large "must see" architectural monuments within Florence, there was always something going on. The city had an interesting transition between day time and night time. Day time was filled with Gelato, lunch on the streets and strolling leisurely, leather markets, and a strict (much appreciated) following of the afternoon siesta. ponte vecchio.JPGThen the evening, which starts after dinner around 9pm. It is couples walking hand in hand, with friends, strolling the main walks and piazzas. My sketches increased in volume in Florence and I was continuously inspired to be out and experiencing the city. It was an amazing look into classic Tuscan city developments, religious changes and integration of the modern with the classical and medieval. Such a cool place full of so much history.

Until next week, stay warm MN!!

Sarah S.