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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Break Travels

So it's winter break and for the most park, my agenda is relaxing and working. The one other thing I've been planning for a little while is a trip to Chicago which I recently came photo.jpegback from. It was a great time and a really fun adventure! We left on December 29th and stayed until January 1st. It was pretty awesome getting to do something new for New Year's this year. While we were there we tried some pretty interesting foods at various restaurants, toured the loop area downtown, and visited my aunt who lives just outside of the city.

Now that I'm back from my little vacation, there's a few more things on my agenda before school resumes in a few weeks. Some of the things I hope to accomplish include refining and updating my LinkedIn account, searching for summer internships, tweaking my resume, working at my part time job, and reading leisurely. I also want to keep working on my sketching and rendering from my interior design studio. I think over long breaks from school it's important to have balance between fun and productivity (and when possible, it's nice to combine the two). For instance, right now I'm hanging out at a new coffe shop called Publika in Dinkytown as I write this.

I'll keep you posted on what life looks like next week, but until then stay well!

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