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Monday, January 28, 2013

To Roma e Arcidosso!

Well I did it. I am in Rome, ROMA, Italia. I had a long journey to get here. But it is incredibly worth it. The city is overwhelming in depth, materiality, density, confusion, and culture. The place the I am staying with the group from the University is in a neighborhood called Trastevere. The people from the offices are incredibly nice and accommodating. There are plenty of restaurants, grocery stores, and bus/train stops to get us all over the city easily.

Thumbnail image for Tevere River view.jpg

The first day I went around the city in circles. Rome was experiencing a transportation strike (apparently on average 1 every 10 days!). I walked a lot and took taxis instead of relying on the buses. Luckily for me, I made all my connections and had lots of help from locals getting around. The picture on the top right is of Piazzo Cavour a beautiful plaza to sit and enjoy some sunshine near the Tevere Fiume (Tibera River). The bottom left is the Town or Comune di Arcidosso (pronounced archidosso) in Southern Tuscany. The Castle is in Arcidosso also, across from the house I stayed in. So close to something that grand, it was a little menacing.
I could go on a while about the charm and ornamental stylings of this place, but I try to be brief, promise! There were bridges connecting houses to alleys and about 20 houses on every street at every level, like nothing I have seen before.

piazza cavour.jpg

castel Arcidosso.jpg

citta arcidosso.jpg

arcidosso doors.jpg

Tomorrow we get our syllabus and group assignments. so nervous and excited. I will keep you all updated, and share my sketchbook!!!

until next time,

Sarah S.
Landscape Design and Planning
BED: May 2014