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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So You Want to Create an Online Portfolio: Part 1

In my last blog, I talked a little bit about different options for building a portfolio website. This time, I will go deeper into detail about different online portfolio options and some tips for creating the best portfolio you can.

While there are many options for making an online portfolio, the majority of designers will build an online portfolio site using Behance, Cargo, or by making there own site from scratch. Below, I will talk about some of the pros and cons of each of these choices.

Pros: Professional looking and organized layout- lets your work speak for itself. Easily searchable by prospective clients.

Cons: Not much ability to customize look of page. Competition of others, easy to access others portfolios from your page.

Behance organizes your work in a very professional manner, but it is easy to be distracted by navigation options or to view other's work.

Pros: Much more customizable compared to Behance. No navigation to lead to other's work.
Cons: More difficult for clients to search for work.

Cargo allows you to choose from several different layout themes. It is also possible to manually alter the design of the themes, allowing users to create a more personal look.

Designing your own site
Pros: Highest level of customization- Make a unique site that distinguishes yourself and showcases your skills.
Cons: Much more time consuming to create. More difficult to maintain and update.

It's important to choose the option that makes the most sense for you. If you plan on concentrating on being a print designer, it probably isn't very important to create your own website from scratch. Likewise, if you plan on being an web or interactive designer, having your own domain and custom site is more important to have by the time to graduate. However, having a Behance or Cargo portfolio in the meantime is totally great.

Next week, I will be talking more about what to include in your portfolio and tips for making it the best you can.

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