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Friday, January 4, 2013

So You Want to Create an Online Portfolio: Part 2

In my last blog I talked about a few different options for creating an online portfolio. Anytime during your 4 years studying graphic design is a great time to start an online portfolio. The sooner you make one, the better it will be by the time you graduate (as long as you iterate and keep it up to date, of course). In part 2, I am going to talk more specifically about what to include in your portfolio and how to make it the best you can.

Step 1: Design and Organize!

Your portfolio should appear well put together and designed. Spend time creating a brand either for yourself or the website that will create an original and unifying package that represents you and your work. However, be sure that the design of your site doesn't eclipse your work. Your work should be what stands out the most and perhaps what visitors see first. Consider having some kind of most recent work section on your homepage to show what you have been up to.

part 2.png
Stephen Di Donato does a great job of letting samples of his work shine on his Cargo website. You can view his portfolio here.

Step 2: Include Your Best Work, Not All Work

An online portfolio, or any portfolio for that matter should not be a place to showcase all of the work you have done. Your portfolio should only be a succinct overview showing the best work you have done. This might mean you only display one or maybe two projects from any given class in your portfolio. Also remember to keep your best work relevant. You shouldn't be showing your best work from Freshman year in a portfolio your Junior year because you have probably progressed greatly as a designer since then.

Step 3: Include a Description

Especially as a student with less work to show in your portfolio, it is important to include a some context to accompany your work. Talk about who the project was for, what problems you solved, and how you did it. Make sure to always speak confidently about your work.

That's it for now. Hopefully you have a good idea of how to build a successful online portfolio of work after reading this two part blog.

I hope the remainder of your winter break is great!

Sean Mateer
Graphic Design