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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hope everyone is getting back into the swing of classes and winter time! The second week of classes always seems to make more sense and the initial stress of "back to school" wears off. This semester I am taking a great class called Soft-lines, which is where we work with Target to create a product (typically apparel) and create the entire campaign from start to finish. This means designing the product, researching the target market, creating a sample of the product, testing the product, and creating the entire advertising and merchandising campaign. This involves both my apparel design major and my retail merchandising minor, which is great because that will most likely be something I do in my job in the future. The class is made up of my entire class of 17 apparel design seniors, as well as 17 retail merchandising majors, and we work in groups for the semester long project.

A great thing about this class, is that our professor encourages us to sketch as we are in class, as they may lead to project ideas and other design work in the future. This is great because design inspiration comes from random things, and the most random times, so having permission and encouragement to sketch and explore those ideas is great.

Here is a page of my sketches from that class:


Lucie, Apparel Design