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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Saying Goodbye To Family Again

This week has been full of change. I went from having 2 extra sisters, multiple out of town friends and relatives in town to having to say goodbye to TWO sisters, their boyfriends and a lot of friends going back to lives and school elsewhere. After weeks of excitement and holidays and celebrations you must return to the same old same. School, work, obligations and possible new resolutions you might have made with yourself. Although I did not make any specific resolutions I always try to make an effort to try new things and keep active. I took this picture of the cracked ice over the Mississippi when I went out for a long walk with my sister before she left Monday. We walked "the loop" which is what my family has always called the trail between Lake street and franklin avenue bridges. The river looked immense and scary, as the ice this time of year is typically thick and snow covered. Seeing it cracked and thin made me a little weary. DSC03366.JPG
sisterly love.jpg
So... this is how I say goodbye to my loved ones. My sister and her boyfriend spent 3 weeks here in Minnesota, they are returning to Salt Lake City to rock climb and travel around to do lots of outdoor activities. My sister has always inspired me this way. Like going to travel abroad. She was super supportive and excited for me to travel and leave MN. Before I started school at the U I traveled outside the country almost once a year. I love exploring new places and meeting new people from all over the globe. Lately I have been so engulfed by school and work I lost my drive to go somewhere.

This semester I will be staying in Rome for a month and Istanbul for 2.5 months with a small group of Architecture and Landscape Design students all from the U. I am excited beyond belief right now, looking at pictures and getting ready to experience all these ancient places I have been studying all these years. I can't thank those who inspired me and motivated me enough. I will be writing all about my experiences and hopefully inspiring some of you to do any great opportunities the University of MN gives its students. I hope you all have had a great winter vacation and saw and did lots of amazing things.

Until next week,
Sarah S.