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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ROME!! Here I Come

Hi guys,

I am writing my last blog from the USA for the semester. Tomorrow I leave for Rome, although with a 7 hour leap forward, I do not actually get there until Friday morning. If you have ever traveled for an extended period of time you know how much preparation goes into a trip like this. I HIGHLY recommend studying abroad. The University of MN has so many programs it is super easy to find the perfect program tailored to 1. your field of interest and 2. where ever you want to go in the world.
Getting prepared has been exciting and time consuming. With all of the art supplies I am bringing to Rome My bag was almost a quarter full before I started. I used student legal services to take care of my finances while I am away. Giving someone else control of my property and rights of everything in my life is kinda scary, I feel like an adult.

I went to Rapson Hall the second day of classes and felt so odd. I had no class to attend or assignment to work on. For the most part I had forgotten classes had already started. I just went in to do some final work on the laser cutters. I had some technical difficulties as always! The workshop front desk is amazing, and super knowledgeable if you ever need help or have questions!!!! Just remember to give yourself as much extra time as possible.

So long, farewell, caio!

Sarah S.
Landscape design and planning BED: 2014